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Surviving the downturn (When does it become a recession exactly?) May 29, 2008

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Hi gang! I know you’ve been wondering what’s up with the FWDs? Where’s this week’s post? Well, here it is…better late than never.

Here’s what we’re doing to weather this economic storm:

Amy: I have dealt with the economic downturn by letting my gym membership go for the time being with the goal of exercising outside and at home for the next few months.  I am carpooling whenever possible and am also choosing to pack my lunch and eat at home more often.  This is tough as I socialize with girlfriends over dinners out.  I’ve also become pretty good at sneaking snacks into the movies!!

Donna: Coupons are becoming more important to me again.  I was an avid clipper for several years with a whole system of organization for both grocery, big box and warehouse stores. I pulled it all back a out a couple of weeks ago, blew the dust off and started clipping up a storm again. Product websites are also a great for coupons on your favorite brands. Eating out less is also happening in our house – and especially less in the more expensive places. And we have put off a big trip that just doesn’t make sense right now with a weak dollar and everything else…

Rosie: As a freelancer, my salary is no guarantee and so I try to live fairly simply. The economic situation has certainly compounded that effort. I’ve been trying this year to go on buying freezes where I buy nothing during that week but essentials (food, gas) and those freezes are a really effective way to cut back on spending (and a reminder to me how easy it is to mindlessly buy something). Because I work from home, I don’t notice the gas hike daily but I have really noticed a significant difference in our grocery bill so now I go to the pantry when planning my meals for the week and am trying to use staples there first.  And as hard as it is for me as a writer because I hoard books, I have been using the library a lot more in the last 6 months. But that might just be part of a 12 step regimen for addicted book buyers!

Me: I broke up with my TV. Why? A $190 cable bill (yes, i had the bundle along with a million HBO/Showtime channels). That’s just ridiculous…especially when a lot of the TV I like is free on the web. I read more, watch a few more DVDs and, frankly, I enjoy how less bombarded my life seems with unrealistic images of people. I do miss CNN and The Comedy Channel. I am eating out a lot less. I actually that just started this week…after I looked how much I’ve really been spending. And like Amy, my meals out tend to include socializing so that’s a bit of an adjustment. I’ve made a mid-year’s resolution (like New Year’s…it’s on June 1) not to buy any new clothes, shoes and bags. And jewelry. Finally, when I do spend $$$ these days, I try to be mindful and ask: “Do I really need this?”

Enough about us…what are you doing to survive the recess…I mean, downturn?