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Healthier planet, healthier living June 16, 2008

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How can we as women shepherd the transition to a healthier planet by practicing health ourselves?

From Donna Scott:

Whew…this question of “HEALTH” encompasses a lot of stuff.

Practicing health to me means both physical and emotional health.

So for the physical aspects…I try to do some sort of very specific health related activity 4-5x a week and try to do the non-specific little healthy things (parking farther away from the door, etc) whenever I think about it. I am not a natural athlete and never have been, but have been consistently exercising now for about five years; this is still a pretty big deal for me.

Last year, thanks to my co-blogger Crystal, I got involved in a first timer’s triathlon group…it was a really great and life changing experience.

This year I am mentoring several people for the same triathlon. And if you are in Charlotte, you can join us! Check it out at The tri’s in October, you still have plenty of time to train! I know more than most, however, that finding out a healthy activity that works for you and keeps you engaged over time is the key.

Emotional health to me means striving for balance with all of my life, and attempting to not over schedule stuff for myself, while allowing for some quiet time, which I find I need more and more. I feel that I am at my most healthy when I have a balance of creative work along with my general day-to-day stuff.

My work is project to project so there is a definite crunch time that occurs around a certain project date that I attempt to control. This is my biggest challenge, because I love to be involved in stuff and have a real tendency to want to say yes to all the fun things that seem to come around.

How does any of this relate to a healthy planet? Well, here’s how I relate it: MY planet is my general area of Charlotte, NC.

I figure that anything I can do to promote physical health for everyone, not just elite athletes or even athletic jock types is a means towards this end because we are all allowed to do whatever we need to be the most healthy we can.

And as far as emotional health, I enjoy creating, and producing theatre projects that look honestly at women’s lives and relationships and tackle topics that help give women a sense of not being alone in the world with their specific issues.

And if I can play a part that is just purely funny and not at all issue related, well, I like to do that too, because laughter is a great vehicle for taking people out of themselves and their problems and giving them some fun and entertaining downtime. I also try to locally support other women’s’ projects, artistic and otherwise, and women owned businesses in general.

Crystal will add her reply on Tuesday (after she recharges the laptop)!

So, what are you doing to keep yourself healthy?