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an artist, a journalist, an activist, a psychologist, a student, and a diva place a cup of nourishment on the table.

Meet Rosie January 28, 2008



Rosie Molinary

The Activist


I am proud to be an activist… because it gives me the great honor of working in community with people who inspire, inform, and amaze me while creating a world that honors each person’s voice and story.

Early bird or night owl? Neither—I like all the sleep I can get!

Favorite color, and why? Peacock blue/green. I love the vibrancy, its merger of two palates, and the unpredictable way it reacts to the light.

Body part you are learning to love and why? My hair. It was the bane of my existence for so long and then I realized that I enjoyed being out in the world far too much to spend so many hours of my life in front of a mirror beating my hair down.

A unique thing about me: I am a rabid sports fan.

Thing I am most proud of: Earning the confidence of my students and being a part of creating two really important initiatives, Hammers (an emergency home repair program in my area) and Circle de Luz (a scholarship giving network made up of women from all over the country).

My biggest struggle: Saying no. There is so much that interests me, but spreading myself out keeps me from doing anything well.

I feel strongest when… my passion and purpose are driving what I do.

Thing I want to scream out into the world the most right now: Love people, not things & make every decision with the sweetest child you know in mind.



Learn more about Rosie’s work.


4 Responses to “Meet Rosie”

  1. Susana Says:

    Rosie, you are a shining star in this universe!!! You are special and I am so glad our paths crossed!

  2. Elsie Says:

    Rosie, you look FABULOUS in your picture!! I admire all you have done in your life and all you continue to do, especially the passion you put into every purpose. I understand about your struggle of not being able to say no; I am the same, but you’re right how can we excel at something we love, if we are spread out doing all these different activities? Thank you for the invite to the Table, it looks like it’s going to be a wonderful place for women.

  3. suezette Says:

    I just have to comment here-Rosie – you are such an inspiration to so many, including myself!!!
    I so want to be you when I grow up! OK – well – maybe in my next life then. You always have the kindest words and such great wisdom. I’m so happy to call you my dear friend and hope one day that we get to meet in person.
    Your style and humor are just so awesome. Thank you for making such a positive impact in my life!

  4. Lylen Says:

    Rosie, I am so blessed to be able to call you my sister friend. You continue to amaze and inspire me. The world is definitely a better place with you in it, and I am a better person because I am reminded of what is good about the world every time I think of you. Congratulations on launching this forum for fabulous ideas! I look forward to learning and growing with you. xoxoxo

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