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Meet Jenee September 13, 2008

Jenee Brown

The Student

I am proud to be a student because I believe that in every situation you encounter and with every person that you meet there is an ability to learn, grow, and change.

Early bird or night owl? Night owl…the sound of an alarm is by far the worst noise ever!

Favorite color, and why? Blue, it is refreshing and calm and reminds me of my spirituality.

Body part you are learning to love and why.   My thighs…I have always been worried that they are too big or too giggly, but they are mine and they fit the rest of my body.  If someone else is going to judge me on them they don’t need to be in my life anyways!

A unique thing about me I am always crying over animals…I would adopt and love every animal I came across if I could!

Thing I am most proud of is my independence, I am not afraid to do it alone because I know I can.

My biggest struggle is showing my emotions and telling people how important they are too me…I’m working on it.

I feel strongest when I am doing nothing in general but surrounded by those I love.

Thing I want to scream out into the world the most right now is to stop being stagnant!!! Make an effort to learn, love, and improve every part of your life…a life without growth is meaningless! 


One Response to “Meet Jenee”

  1. fiercewomen Says:

    From Amy: WELCOME JENEE!!!!!

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