Fierce Women Dish

an artist, a journalist, an activist, a psychologist, a student, and a diva place a cup of nourishment on the table.

Welcome to our table March 27, 2008

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The idea for Fierce Women Dish evolved around lunch tables across our city. We’re a lively group of women, equal parts spunky and sparky, heart and hope. We are both reverent and irreverent, serious and slapstick, churning and relaxed. Though there is no telling what might come out when we gather at the table, there is always one certainty: no matter how depleted we might have been when we walked in, no matter how uninspired we may have felt, we always leave each other with our wells full. So, here at this table, this is what we offer you: the opportunity to discuss critical issues to women with humor, hope, hurt, and heart. Each Monday, check out the table’s feast. All five of us will prepare a potluck as we respond to questions like ‘why do women hold each other to such high standards and then celebrate each other’s missteps?’ and ‘why are the physical effects of aging so terrifying to us when the wisdom gained is so profound?’ And we hope that you will add to the feast with your insights and observations. Whether you visit Fierce Women Dish each day while eating your lunch or after you have tucked the children into bed, know that our table and heart and hopes are always open to you. Have a seat. Dig in. Help us grow. And fill your well.