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an artist, a journalist, an activist, a psychologist, a student, and a diva place a cup of nourishment on the table.

Meet Janine January 28, 2008


Janine Davis

The Diva


I am proud to be a diva… because it allows me to show people (especially young girls) that it’s ok to be who you are—you should like the skin you’re in!

Early bird or night owl? Definitely a night owl–my brain operates better at night

Favorite color, and why? Orange–like my personality its bright, full of life and can at times be a bit much for some.

Body part you are learning to love and why? My legs. I always thought they were too skinny, until I realized some people have challenges wearing some high or riding boots. My legs slip right in.

A unique thing about me: I’m a neat freak!!!!

Thing I am most proud of: Starting the non profit that focuses on building self esteem and character for young girls, Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. We’re preparing them for life!

My biggest struggle: Balancing work, the non profit, family and friends and realizing I can’t be everything to everybody.

I feel strongest when I am able to empower or inspire someone

Thing I want to scream out into the world the most right now: I need a vacation!!!!!!!




Learn more about Janine’s work outside of her non-profit role.


One Response to “Meet Janine”

  1. Molly Barker Says:

    Janine I want you to be my guest at something in October. I am a former Charlotte Woman of the Year and we host a “Roundtable for Emerging Leaders.” We need to SHAKE up this event with a Daring Diva…like YOU! Would you please e-mail me so I can send you the particulars…Can’t wait to join this group. I think I have time now!!!!

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