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Surviving the downturn (When does it become a recession exactly?) May 29, 2008

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Hi gang! I know you’ve been wondering what’s up with the FWDs? Where’s this week’s post? Well, here it is…better late than never.

Here’s what we’re doing to weather this economic storm:

Amy: I have dealt with the economic downturn by letting my gym membership go for the time being with the goal of exercising outside and at home for the next few months.  I am carpooling whenever possible and am also choosing to pack my lunch and eat at home more often.  This is tough as I socialize with girlfriends over dinners out.  I’ve also become pretty good at sneaking snacks into the movies!!

Donna: Coupons are becoming more important to me again.  I was an avid clipper for several years with a whole system of organization for both grocery, big box and warehouse stores. I pulled it all back a out a couple of weeks ago, blew the dust off and started clipping up a storm again. Product websites are also a great for coupons on your favorite brands. Eating out less is also happening in our house – and especially less in the more expensive places. And we have put off a big trip that just doesn’t make sense right now with a weak dollar and everything else…

Rosie: As a freelancer, my salary is no guarantee and so I try to live fairly simply. The economic situation has certainly compounded that effort. I’ve been trying this year to go on buying freezes where I buy nothing during that week but essentials (food, gas) and those freezes are a really effective way to cut back on spending (and a reminder to me how easy it is to mindlessly buy something). Because I work from home, I don’t notice the gas hike daily but I have really noticed a significant difference in our grocery bill so now I go to the pantry when planning my meals for the week and am trying to use staples there first.  And as hard as it is for me as a writer because I hoard books, I have been using the library a lot more in the last 6 months. But that might just be part of a 12 step regimen for addicted book buyers!

Me: I broke up with my TV. Why? A $190 cable bill (yes, i had the bundle along with a million HBO/Showtime channels). That’s just ridiculous…especially when a lot of the TV I like is free on the web. I read more, watch a few more DVDs and, frankly, I enjoy how less bombarded my life seems with unrealistic images of people. I do miss CNN and The Comedy Channel. I am eating out a lot less. I actually that just started this week…after I looked how much I’ve really been spending. And like Amy, my meals out tend to include socializing so that’s a bit of an adjustment. I’ve made a mid-year’s resolution (like New Year’s…it’s on June 1) not to buy any new clothes, shoes and bags. And jewelry. Finally, when I do spend $$$ these days, I try to be mindful and ask: “Do I really need this?”

Enough about us…what are you doing to survive the recess…I mean, downturn?


4 Responses to “Surviving the downturn (When does it become a recession exactly?)”

  1. I just had this conversation at lunch today. I am now calling the stores to make sure they have my item before I make the drive out there. Sounds crazy, but why waste the gas if the store doesn’t have what you need?!

  2. fiercewoman Says:

    Brandi, I don’t think this is crazy at all; there is nothing worse than driving to the warehouse store to get my fav fill-in-the-blank item, and then discovering that don’t have it this week…which does happens from time to time.
    I am pretty lucky because I do live pretty close to the warehouse store and it’s on the way to the grocery, for me, so it works out either way. But this is a great tip-thanks!

  3. Big D Says:

    I am cutting all the bells and whistles out of our land line. We already have cell phones glued to our sides. I’m finally admitting the home line is now a modem and little else. I’m also giving grocery store brands a lot more attention.
    I travel for work and have to eat out for many of my meals. The hardest thing is finding economical lunches and dinners that are nutritious, cheap and available in various small towns. I am open to any suggestions

  4. Calling ahead is a great idea. As is cutting the bells and whistles off land lines– makes perfect sense.

    Where do you travel, Big D? Maybe folks have some ideas for you in particular locations.

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