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Fat Talk Free Week! October 14, 2008

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October 13-17, 2008

Delta Delta Delta and key partners are raising the nation’s consciousness about the dangers of “fat talk” and the impact it has on women’s self-esteem and confidence. This nationwide body activism event coincides with the official launch of Tri Delta’s body image education and eating disorders prevention program, Reflections.

Fat Talk Free Week is a five-day awareness effort sponsored by Tri Delta to draw attention to the damaging impact of fat talk and the “thin ideal” on today’s women in society. We’re asking women all over the country—young girls, college women, adult women, and mothers and daughter—to pledge to not fat talk for the full week. Each day, women will be given a daily “charge” of something positive they can do related to having a positive body image, while shining a spotlight on the issues and statistics of body image and eating disorders in women.

Friends don’t let friends Fat Talk.



One Response to “Fat Talk Free Week!”

  1. I can’t BELIEVE it! After starting my blog recently – Grow Your Own Gorgeousness – I thought I’d have a little explore of other blogs with similar themes. As it turns out, your blog template AND your vision are perfectly synchronized with mine. I truly believe that women ARE beginning to wake up and take back the reigns of their own unique and wondrous Selves and I just want to say a big hello to you all at FWD. . . and now I’m going to explore your site further . . .

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