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Consumer Pledge April 18, 2008

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One of our readers shared this really cool Consumer Pledge that is being implemented this week at Brevard College.  It allows each person who is signing it to pledge to make strides towards being greener and lighter on the Earth (each person chooses the one thing they will do in different categories).  The pledge asks each person to commit to the effort from April 18th until May 18th.  Check it out, make the pledge yourself, and share with us what one of your efforts will entail! 

Consumer Pledge


To be a more socially and environmentally conscientious consumer I will pledge to do the

following from April 18-May 18:


1. What I buy – I will try to (pick at least one):

o Support businesses with a social/environmental ethic

o Buy local foods and other products

o Buy organic products

o Buy fair trade and other socially labeled products

o Buy products with recycled content

o Buy non-toxic cosmetics/toiletries that are not tested on animals

o Buy products with minimal packaging

o Buy products I can reuse

o Read papers and magazines on line instead of buying them

o Buy only items that I really need

o Other_________________________________________________


2. Shopping Bags- I will try to (pick at least one):

o Use a cloth shopping bag

o Reuse Plastic shopping bags

o Recycle my shopping bags

o Just carry things in my hand if I only get a couple of items

o Other________________________________________________


3. Buying/Using transportation – I will try to (pick at least one):

o Walk or bike instead of drive

o Share rides whenever possible

o Take a shared public transportation instead of a car or cab

o Take the steps instead of an elevator

o Take direct flights instead of multiple stops

o Stay on campus one weekend instead of travel

o Other________________________________________________


4. When I am eating – I will try to (pick at least one):

o eat more fresh food and less processed food

o eat less meat

o not take more than I know I can eat

o drink tap water in my own reusable water bottle

o Other________________________________________________


5. What I throw away- I will try to (pick at least one):

o recycle plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper whenever possible

o wash out and reuse containers when appropriate (i.e. zip-lock bags)

o use products that allow you to refill containers

o utilize products with minimal packaging

o prepare/order/take only the amount of food that I can eat

o compost food I don’t eat at my home

o find a new owner for usable items

o give usable items to Good Will, Humane Society, clothing closets, etc

o compost food I don’t eat

o Other_______________________________________________


6. When I buy/use energy – I will try to (pick at least one):

o only turn on lights and appliances I really need at any time

o turn off lights and appliances when I leave the room

o unplug my computer, appliances and chargers at night/when not recharging

o put Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in my fixtures and lamps

o Other________________________________________________

6. When I am at the office/at school – I will try to (pick at least one):

o Read emails and print only those absolutely necessary

o Proofread as many drafts as possible on screen before printing

o Save scrap paper in order to print draft copies

o Use scrap paper to print drafts

o Other________________________________________________


7. Education/Outreach – I will try to- (pick at least one):

o visiting the NC Office of Environmental Education website

o checking out the eco-smart consumer blog

o going to the “story of stuff” website

o sharing the “story of stuff” with friends

o discussing these issues with family and friends

o writing my local/state/national elected officials to express my opinion

o continuing the consumer pledge beyond the first month

o expanding upon the number of consumer pledge options I commit to

o Other_________________________________________________


Thank-you for your participation and effort!

Adapted from the Consumer Pledge distributed at the Association for Experiential

Education Southeast Regional Conference in March 2008.