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an artist, a journalist, an activist, a psychologist, a student, and a diva place a cup of nourishment on the table.

Meet Crystal January 28, 2008


Crystal Dempsey

The Journalist

I am proud to be a journalist because I document the human experience with words and images. I love to share people’s stories, shine a light into the dark, record history and, ultimately, satisfy my curiosity.

Early bird or night owl? Early bird. But I used to be a major night owl.

Favorite color, and why. I’ve been in an orange phase for the last few years. The appeal directly relates to my level of self confidence. Orange is generally seen as signifying creativity, sexuality and fertility.

Body part you are learning to love and why. My thighs. I’ve hated them most of my life. I’ve liked them more in the last three years than I ever have. I still fight using words such as ginormous and huge to describe them. They’re strong and solid. And they’re key to getting around.

A unique thing about me: My story. Nobody else has it.

Thing I am most proud of: Myself.

My biggest struggle: Insecurity.

I feel strongest when I openly express my love, trust my instincts, eat right, get plenty of exercise and rest.

Thing I want to scream out into the world the most right now: Stop being so damn apathetic. Get involved. Give your talent and your time. Be active: get up, show up, stand up, speak up and stay up. And vote.


Learn more about Crystal’s work.


4 Responses to “Meet Crystal”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Rock on soul sister of mine! I can’t wait to read more on here! If you ever need a panel discussion of what it’s like to work in the “beauty industry” let me know!!

  2. Tina E.H. Says:

    WHOA! what an amazing site! have i told you how proud i am of you? i’ve got two girls who need all the ferocity they can get. it’s a hard world.

  3. Roni Says:

    Wow! I finally took time to log on to this terrific site and now I will check in more often. Cousin, I am very proud of you! You rock and so do your friends!

  4. Crystal great to finally meet you last night! I love this blog. Let’s keep in touch, check out my blog and check out my comment on Molly;s urinal post — if you ever want to make it….

    “an artist, a journalist, an activist, a psychologist, a student, and a diva”..and one guy… would love to provide a real man’s perspective —

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