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Good things come in 3’s September 21, 2008

Warning from Crystal: Longer blog than usual ahead. Grab another cup of coffee. Or read it in chapters.

1. Going to see the doctor

I had my yearly physical last week. To say I was dreading it would be an under-statement.

A year ago, I was in good shape since I was training for the Ramblin’ Rose, a sprint triathlon for women only. I had lost weight, my blood pressure was down, and my spirits were high because of a new job and the tri. My doctor actually high-fived me.

This year, I returned with all of the weight I had lost, escalating blood pressure and a more gloomy outlook because of the economy and the state of journalism. I signed up for the tri again but can’t muster the energy to train consistently.

My incredible doctor offered sympathy, compassion and a plan. And in a few days, I feel better than I have in months. In a few months, I should be back on track. Thanks to Dr. Tamara Chittenden!

Lesson learned: Always walk through the fear and dread (especially with doctors). What’s waiting on the other side is worth it.

2. The importance of clothes

On Thursday, Sept. 18, I got a reminder about the power of clothing at three events. As a former fashion editor, I know what the shirt or suit on one’s back can mean to someone.

Event A: Dress For Success/Charlotte‘s annual Look at Her Power event at the Southern Women’s Show. If you’re not familiar with DFS, you should be. They give interview-appropriate attire to women who are entering or re-entering the workforce. DFS also provides education and support in workshops with professionals who volunteer their time. If you donate a suit or help with a fitting or a workshop, you are part of the empowerment.

The Look at Her Power event drew the motherlode of the Q.C.’s female power-brokers, as well as Joi Gordon, head of DFS Worldwide, and actress Andie McDowell. Also, Marcia Simon of Paul Simon for Women received the Paradigm award. I hate that I missed the fashion show that featured DFS clients. It’s always a highlight, and this year’s was spectacular, according to my sources.

Event B: Kristin Davis/Belk fashion show

Kristin Davis of “Sex and the City” fame and a Carolina gal, Belk and the Junior League of Charlotte provided fashion fans with a runway show that featured Davis’ collection. The event at The Blake hotel drew more than 700 people (600 or so were women). What I liked: Her line offers something for nearly every shape.

Event C: Charlotte Fashion Week

Props to Anthony Simons and others for pulling off the debut of Charlotte Fashion Week. The 3-day event served as a showcase for local and regional designers. On Thursday night, I watched as the dynamic Carmen Webber emceed the opening night at The Blake (across the hall from the Davis/Belk event). It made me remember what I love most about runway shows: Models are not wearing just clothes – they wear someone’s vision, talent and dreams.

3. Happy birthday to three fierce women!

Three of the fiercest women I know celebrate their birthdays with days of each other.

Thursday (Sept. 18) was fellow FWD Donna Scott’s bday (celebrated Friday night at a surprise party thrown by her awesome hubby, Wes). Donna is one of those women who talk the talk and walk the walk of empowerment. She produced the award-winning “The Body Chronicles” and will debut “The Fairy Tale Chronicles” at Theatre Charlotte in June. I’ve been to readings of “The Fairy Tale Chronicles,” a collection of fairy tales by local writers…trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

Today (Sept. 21) is the incredible Molly Barker’s day. Molly is the founder and vision-keeper of Girls on the Run, an incredible nonprofit that nurtures self esteem and empowerment. She’s also written two books. Most importantly, though, she’s the devoted mom of Hank and Helen. If you aren’t familiar with GOTR, you should be (when the girls are in a race, they are all given the No. 1). Molly also talks the talk but runs the run of empowerment. Stay tuned, btw: Molly will be joining this blog soon.

Finally, Samantha Smith, my good friend and a makeup artist in Charlotte, celebrates her b-day tomorrow (Sept. 22). Samantha became a business owner last week when she bought Potion beauty boutiques in Birkdale and Blakeney from Candice Langston (another remarkable woman). I applaud Sam for following her dreams in tough times. It takes courage and vision. And a belief in one’s self. Happy, happy, Sam!

Told you it was a long one. I had a lot to say…thanks for hanging in there.