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A Follow Up to Turning 40: 40 gifts September 9, 2008

from Rosie: 

We had such an interesting discussion about turning 40 recently so I just had to post about this fabulous idea a friend is doing to celebrate her 40th.  In celebration of her 40 years of life, she is asking that her friends, family, and even complete strangers who are so inspired to celebrate life with her by doing 40 somethings for someone else.   

Volunteer for 40 hours.
Give $40 to your favorite cause.
Pick up 40 pieces of trash.
Put 40 cents in the parking meter before leaving your spot.
Send 40 good thoughts to someone you dislike.
Commit to doing 40 good deeds throughout the year.
Read 40 books to kids in your neighborhood school.
Find 40 things in your house you can donate to a local women’s shelter.
Spend time with a neighborhood kid, tossing a baseball 40 times.
Pick up 40 pennies and put them in a charity collection bin at your corner store.
Walk or bike 40 miles instead of driving your car.
Visit 40 people in a nursing home or hospital.
Make 40 meals for an ailing or elderly neighbor.
Pick 40 vegetables at your local CSA.

Whatever you choose to do — large or small — is a wonderful gift.

In addition, she’d love it (but you don’t have to) if you would write a note about your gift or your plan for giving on a postcard and drop it in the mail to 40 Gifts  5700 Ridgedale Rd Baltimore, MD 21209 by the end of October.  Write what you’d like about your gift. Share how you felt choosing your gift or how you felt giving it. Share why you chose this gift and what it means to you. Or just write what the gift is.

If I get an update on how far this idea spreads, etc, I’ll happily share it with you.  Now, go celebrate 40!