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Sunset Club November 25, 2008

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From Jenee:

Last week a friend of mine decided to have his birthday party at the Sunset Club.  I had mixed feelings about attending, hearing about the urinals was one thing but actually seeing them with the link Molly posted was just devastating.

I made the decision to go and had dinner at a near by restaurant before.  During dinner I chatted with the owner, his brother, and my girl friend about the bathroom situation.  Everyone was in complete agreement that it was not only disgusting and tacky but degrading and humiliating.

That’s when I decided I needed to see it for myself.

I walked into the club, had a shot, and marched straight for the mens bathroom. Opened the door and said “I want to see your demeaning urinals, you should be ashamed of yourselves what would your mothers say?!?!”

I stood there looking at plain white urinals.  There were no legs, no vagina starting at me…just a plain white urinal.  I turned to the bathroom attendant and asked what happened…he explained that there was such a public backlash that the club decided to remove them.

I was excited at first and then had a feeling of despair.  The fact that enough people thought it was a good idea to not only make them but also use them is just pathetic. 


One Response to “Sunset Club”

  1. Jenee, I love that you marched right in there and announced that they should be ashamed of themselves. That takes gumption, my friend. You are fierce, indeed! Thanks, too, for the udpate. Rosie

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