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Wait until you see this urinal September 24, 2008

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Sarah Aarthun, one of my coworkers at The Observer, blogged about a unbelievably crude urinal at the recently revamped Sunset Club.

Here’s a link to her blog,

The photo is so offensive that Sarah had to post the pic on her Facebook page. (FYI: You don’t have to be a Facebook member to see the pic…click away…but warning: this is really not safe for work…or young children.)

Let me know if anyone grabs a sledgehammer and knocks it off the wall.


5 Responses to “Wait until you see this urinal”

  1. Anissa Says:

    I am heading there in a couple of weeks for an event and I am re-thinking even going after seeing this. If I do go, rest assure that I will take a moment to let the management know how this is repulsive, to say the least. It literally turned my stomach when I saw the photo…

  2. Anthony Says:

    Wow. This is offensive on so many levels, and I’m a guy. Obviously, I can only empathize with the objectification of women, and can’t imagine what it must feel like to see something like this as a woman. Unfortunately, the world is teeming with yahoos that will tell you how “kick ass” this is. What’s more, Sunset Club will likely *get* business because of the negative press they’ll get. Yes, it sucks. Like the world needs more knuckle-draggers with money.

    Some of the comments in Sarah’s blog said stuff like “get a life, it’s just a bathroom”, and there’s even a link to a page with pictures of unusual urinals. I’m not sure how to react to this mentality. Yes, I have a sense of humor and chuckled at some of the clever urinals (e.g., the saxophone), but really? “Get over it”? I’m not sure which bothers me more: people who think crap like this is “kick ass” or people who either apathetic or chalk it up to a simple joke over which we should get.

    Anywho, for my part, I emailed the Sunset Club, and emailed the President of a business association of which I used to be a member, letting him know that people are talking. It’ll be interesting to see if he cuts ties with the club.

    Will the Sunset Club remove them? Probably not. Will the manufacturer stop making them? Probably not, ’cause there’s evidently a market for them.

    Yes, it sucks. Like the world needs more knuckle-draggers with building permits.

  3. sheila Says:

    I really am taken aback and don’t quite know what to say, as I sit comtemplating this black space. My first reaction is that of confusion. I really think that a large percentage of men have come a long way in how they view women. So… to imagine the men that frequent The Sunset Club, as a representation of a certain percentage of the male population in Charlotte, to be okay with this urinal and all that it speaks to astounds me. I’m stunned. This then changes to outrage. How dare the owners of this club feel they can create such a disparaging object without fear of repurcussion. This indicates that they feel they can and no one will do anything about it. Does anyone know if a writer for Creative Loafing or Skirt or anywhere is communicating this to the public?

  4. fiercewomen Says:

    Amy says: I am simply stunned. I actually had a conversation with a local businessman who had seen “something” in the men’s bathroom which took him completely aback, even questionning his patronage of the Club. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t describe it to me so I could give him my opinion . . . now I get it. To show that level of disrespect to women in this day and age is simply horrifying. Shelia is correct the public needs to be alerted!!!!! I read an article recently giving a thumb’s up to the revamp. Either they didn’t venture into the men’s room or shame, shame, shame on them!!!!

  5. Thank you to both Sarah and Crystal for bringing this to our attention.

    Amy– Sarah wrote the initial article on the re-vamp of the club, but the owners suspiciously omitted a tour of the restrooms. Go figure. She is the one who posted the picture on facebook.

    I cannot believe in this day and age that ANYONE in their right mind would imagine that this disgusting urinal was creative, artistic or humorous. The Sunset Club, owned and recently redecorated by Sonny Gur and Doug and Dawn Smyth (yes, a woman!) to the tune of over 1 million dollars includes the thousands spent on these offensive custom urinals that are evidently the big secret ha-ha of the men’s room. The fact that it’s hidden away in the men’s room gives it the stench and feel of a old-school boys club joke. It definitely takes sexism to a new level—right here under our nose.

    The answer to this one is SO EASY- BOYCOTT!

    I know of several groups that hold their monthly business meetings there and I also have been there on occasion for several women’s events!!! I guess the owners have no problem taking our money while secretly laughing at us, all the while– in the bathroom. This is certainly a HUGE tell on how they really feel about women in general.

    If you are involved in a group that holds ANY meetings there on a regular basis, I would ask that you forward this information and STRONGLY suggest another venue-while letting the club know exactly why. And forward this information to everyone you know for a general boycott of the Sunset Club—there are plenty of other better places to go in Charlotte where women are respected.

    Additionally interesting is the fact that The Sunset Club has disabled their website and currently has a redirect up—with no comments allowed. Getting a lot of angry email recently, maybe?

    If you would like to send a smail mail letter, or wish to call the owners to tell them how you really feel, here’s that information as well-

    1820 South Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28203
    (704) 373-9900

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