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Humor and Politics September 15, 2008

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Tina Fey returned to Saturday night live this week portraying Sarah Palin.  I loved it and am interested in how our fellow Fierce Women feel.  Here’s a link:

If you do like the clip please feel free to express this as well.  This is what makes us Fierce . . . our ability to have respectful dialogue about the topics that matter most to us all.


3 Responses to “Humor and Politics”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Don’ forget about the nice parody of Clinton. I laughed so hard I thought I’d fall out of my seat.

    That being said, I notice that, yet again, the focus is on Palin (and Clinton) instead of the 2 men running for President.

    I did agree with the observation that it’s interesting that NOW people seem to care about sexism – something that wasn’t nearly such focus during Clinton’s campaign.

  2. fiercewomen Says:

    Amy here:

    Yes, Colleen, I totally agree that sexism now has a bright spotlight on it instead of a backlight.

    One thing that the piece also highlighted well is the way that both women’s appearance has been used negatively . . Palin is viewed as too attractve to take seriously while Clinton’s
    “cankles” made the national spotlight during her campaign.

    It will be interesting to watch the process unfold. I will be very curious to see how gender is used or mis-used in the process. I am curious about the discussions that will happen between women about these two candidates. Thus far, my read has been that the women I know are at either extreme in their views of Palin.

  3. I loved this as a parody on both fronts-Democratic and Republican. It really felt like a much needed respite from the intense campaigning that’s been ongoing from which I cannot seem to tear myself away–no matter how much I try. It’s been a really big emotional expenditure.

    Such fabulous comedic actresses-both Amy and Tina. Wow, like the much more political Lucy and Ethel of our time, maybe. Their reactions to each other when they are NOT speaking are a huge part of what makes the whole thing soooooo funny. I have been watching this at least once a day…okay, twice sometimes, since Saturday. It makes me laugh until I cry, every time, and boy, I love that.

    Thanks for posting Amy.

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