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Times of trouble… August 28, 2008

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From Crystal:

I need your advice.

I work in the newspaper industry, which is quickly evolving. I work for a company that has a fine tradition of public service journalism. But it’s a company with a lot of debt.

I work with smart, talented and passionate people. I’m pretty sure that I can say this: Most of us are not in this profession to make money. We do it for other reasons: to tell people’s stories, to record history, to shine a light into dark areas, to hold a mirror up to our community, etc.

I love my job. How much? I’ve worked in the same building for 20 years and had many great opportunities. Amazing, I know?

We’re about to enter a third round of buyouts. Our salaries have been frozen. I’ve watched many of those smart, talented, passionate people go out the door.

Anyone who has been through this can relate to the stress and anxiety that fills the halls and the cubicles. And you know that it follows us home.

With the economy’s downward spiral, the paycheck has become important.

When I check in with my coworkers, a theme emerges: stay off the radar, keep your head down, stay out of trouble.

At first, I agreed. But as this has progressed, I’ve wondered: Is that really the right course of action?

I’ve never been good at sitting back and keeping my mouth shut. I’m so frustrated that I’ve begun drafting a manifesto of change. Will I give it to my bosses? I’m not sure. I’ve also started pondering the buyout.

Should I finish the manifesto and fight the good fight? Or should I throw in the towel and focus my energy elsewhere?

In times of trouble, is it best to “Let It Be”? Or is it better to “Get up, Stand up?”


2 Responses to “Times of trouble…”

  1. Ah, what a tough situation. What if you went with the buy out and then found a cool forum for publishing the manifesto? A manifesto is unlikely to change a company from the inside but it could bring lots of attention from the outside– you could even have it be a manifesto on the industry as a whole as these things are happening in so many newsrooms, etc.
    Thinking of you, Rosie

  2. Big D Says:

    I wouldn’t want to tell you what you should do. I’d rather suggest a few things to think about. Would you be staying out of fear of security or a passion or sense of loyalty? Do you have a plan of action if you leave (interim work, savings)? Are you free from dependent responsibilities (children, sick parent)? Is there a greater passion outside of this job that could use the freedom and attention you could soon have. Lastly, if you were your ideal self what would you do?

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