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Can the Olympics make us all “hopefuls”? August 24, 2008

I wonder if the rest of the world is looking forward to getting to bed at their regular hour.  The Olympics captured our hearts and minds for the past few weeks.  I, myself, was much more tuned in to these games than those in the past.  I think I needed to witness a positive global unification.  I love thinking that people around the world were watching simultaneously! 

For women, this Olympics provided many positive moments.  Dara Torres has challenged longheld views of age and athleticism, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh were the picture of female teamwork and competitive spirit, and the story of   Samia Yusaf Omar from Somalia embodied the true spirit of these games  .

What were your favorite moments of the games?  Whose stories stirred your soul?

And . . . I just have to comment that the bikini clad cheerleaders for beach volleyball were a really poor choice.  Does anyone know why they were there????


One Response to “Can the Olympics make us all “hopefuls”?”

  1. Dara Torres did for sure. Of course along with the rest of the USA I wanted her to win the gold, but it is so great to see her do so well and take silver against women 20 years or younger.
    I actually caught a regular volleyball game that was USA vs. Italy. It great fun to watch and no, they were not wearing bikinis…they were in regular volleyball clothes.

    Question: Why do the beach volleyball women wear bikinis but the beach volley ball men are sooooooooo covered up with shirt and long shorts?

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