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Movies that do women justice June 3, 2008

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Alright, we’re on to movies.  What recent movies have done justice to their female characters? 

Janine:  I just re-watched North Country starring Charlize Theron who does a fabulous job playing a coal miner who fights the ‘good-ol boy’ network and takes a stand on sexual harassment in the workplace. Watching it, made me feel like my work drama is ‘small beans’ compared to what she had to deal with. But it also gave me a surge of energy that I could tackle the work drama that comes my way–and that tolerance is your worse enemy when it comes to your rights.  I would be remised if I didn’t mention the much-talked about Sex and The City: The Movie. One of my favorite TV shows now a movie that absolutely celebrates women!! And no, It’s not just about the hot gear or shoes as my boyfriend thinks, but it’s more about the true essence of women–our hearts, our souls, what’s important to us, the decision we make and why we make them, those we care about, friendships, relationships, living, loving and laughing! The show in general, encompasses the many facets and dimensions of women. There wasn’t an occasion that I didn’t watch and say, “That’s me” or “I can relate to that!”


Rosie:  Bordertown didn’t get much play in the United States (politics playing, I think) but it shows an ambitious reporter tackling the heartbreaking abuse and murder of women in the city of Juarez, just across the United States line from El Paso.  It reminded me of Erin Brockovich, another movie that tells the story of a female champion.  I hear wonderful things about Penelope although I haven’t seen it yet.   


Crystal:  Juno and Iron Man (really…without Pepper, there is no Iron Man).   



What recent movies do you applaud for their portrayal of women?       


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