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Aging Gracefully May 1, 2008

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So, I was eating my breakfast this morning while watching a little television when the often played Sally Field Boniva commercial came on.  Sally was on screen, doing her thing, when it occured to me how refreshing it was to see a woman in her sixties who was comfortable with going gray and having some wrinkle lines.  She’s absolutely lovely.  Now, I have been trying to think of other famous women who seem comfortable with their aging– because what is mirrored back to us in our media is often what we then try to emulate.  So who else is out there spreading the message to be comfortable with the changes in our body?  Jamie Lee Curtis comes to mind.  But surely the list is longer than that.  HELP! 



7 Responses to “Aging Gracefully”

  1. fiercewomen Says:

    Hmmm let’s see . . Meryl Streep is someone who comes to mind for me. Any others?????

  2. fiercewomen Says:

    that was Amy by the way with Meryl Streep

  3. Mary Says:

    Helen Mirren has said she is embraces the aging process.

  4. Fran Says:

    EmmyLou Harris looks fabulous!!!!

  5. Fran Says:

    Don’t forget Jamie Lee Curtis!!! I am now at 45 going gray/ white. I am sick of coloring my hair, it burns and costs a lot of
    money. Time for the real ME to embrace authenticity!

  6. rosiemolinary Says:

    Fran, I’m with you! I teach a body image seminar at UNCC, and Jamie Lee comes up a lot. EmmyLou Harris is a great call. Ellen seems to be embracing herself and many of my students listed her as a famous woman they found beautiful. Now, as a woman of color, I am trying to brainstorm women of color in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who are embracing their age. Phylicia Rashad comes quickly to mind. Who else?

  7. Fran Says:

    One who comes to mind is Nichelle Nichols who played “Uhura” in Star Trek. Here is a link:
    She looks stunning!!!
    We should feel proud and sexy in gray hair, salt and pepper you name it.
    Why should there be a double standard with men???
    Any great answers?
    Older women are wise, authentic and know what they want. Young women (with hair color) are usually shallow (not all) and don’t know what they are looking for (besides attention).
    I feel like a rebel and boy do I love it!!!!
    Stop by at some point… I live in Raeigh! A transplant from the North for 10 years now. My hair is now about an inch combination of salt and pepper and pure white in front of my hairline.
    Will send a pick when it is all grown out!!!

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