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Going Meatless, Eating local. April 14, 2008

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So, I am blogging over at on some of the green habits I am trying to develop and one of those is going meatless and eating local.  You can read why meatless meals are earth-friendly and find out an easy way to eat local by reading today’s blog here.  


2 Responses to “Going Meatless, Eating local.”

  1. fiercewomen Says:

    This is a great article if you aqre considering going meatless:


  2. fiercewomen Says:

    Here is a great Charlotte resource that I have found for local, organic produce and many yummy vegan and vegetarian items:

    Mecklenburg County Market
    1515 Harding Place, Dilworth
    Charlotte, NC
    Open Wednesday and Saturday 7am to 1pm
    (704) 533-0073

    My husband and I call this the ‘secret market’. It’s in a little white house on Harding.

    The McLaughlin Family has run this market for years and their daughter, Beverly sells her all vegetarian gourmet food items there. She has a new menu list each week; you need to email the above addy to get on this list and she will send you the mouth watering menu.
    Her soups, appetizers and entrees are yummy and a great easy way to go meatless several nights a week. All of her items are vegetarian, some are vegan and gluten free as well.

    Some of my favorites:
    Thai Basil Tofu entree
    Gyspy Soup
    Ash-e Joh (Persian Barley) Soup
    Lentil Salad with Fruited Bulger
    Edamame Salad
    Sun Dried Tomato and Olive spread

    My very non-vegetarian and pretty picky husband will happily eat anything from Beverly’s Gourmet Foods. (Even tofu! Which he rarely likes.) He loves the African Peanut soup and the pimento cheese too…

    EAT LOCAL!!! See you there on Saturday!

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