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“What’s Your Point, Honey?” April 10, 2008

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Before anyone gets all riled up over the blog headline, it’s the title of a documentary that I can’t wait to see.

“What’s Your Point, Honey?” features seven young women (including one from Charlotte) who could be contenders for the presidency in 2024. It also explores today’s gender inequalities.

Cat is the young woman from Charlotte. I’ve worked with her at the Charlotte Observer when she was a design intern.

According to her profile on the “WYPH?” site, her leadership quality is sagacious wit and charm. (I can vouch for her wit and charm.)

Her goal?

To change the motives of advertising making messages more relevant to women and to continue to use media to advocate for the ‘greening’ of America. (Love it!)

Check out the trailer, Cat’s clip and the other young women here.

Encourage the local film societies, women’s groups and indie films theaters to show the documentary.

Mmm, maybe the FWDs can arrange a screening. Would y’all show up?



One Response to ““What’s Your Point, Honey?””

  1. amy sewell Says:

    We’d love to have a screening in Charlotte and have you ALL show up!

    Working on it! Should have theater listings in mid-May and Charlotte is on our list.

    Glad you liked working with Cat. We did too (the filmmakers). She wasn’t really quite as charming as the kids from my last doc Mad Hot Ballroom, but she’s up there.

    Really, what came out of it is that I know I just may be working for Cat some day! (Hopefully!)

    Thanks for finding the doc and putting it on your blog. DVDs are for sale now and there is a kick-butt study guide that goes with the one for schools and colleges. Great for group screening parties.

    Hope to see “y’all” soon!

    Amy Sewell

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